Three Reasons to Trust a Professional

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If you have ever thought about taking care of your vehicle’s service at home, we appreciate your passion and motivation. Working on cars is fun and rewarding, but it can also be stressful, frustrating, and even costly if you don’t know exactly what you are doing. If you don’t have the tools or experience to work on your car, there are certain repairs you should entrust to the professionals. Luckily for you, Shift’n Gears is here to help! Here are a few reasons why we encourage drivers to seek professional assistance when it comes to repairs and maintenance.

You Could Avoid Injury

While you might not think that a technician is a very risky profession, it can be very dangerous to work on cars without training. If you attempt something as seemingly simple as an oil change at home without the proper equipment or procedure, you could suffer major injury from burns. Hot oil might spill on you and all over the ground, which is a real mess to clean up. Another accident you’ll want to avoid is with hydraulic hoses. If these snap or break unexpectedly, they may whip around violently and hit you!

You Could Avoid Making the Problem Worse

If you think you know what’s wrong with your car and attempt a do-it-yourself solution that fails, you might make the situation more complicated. Not only will you have delayed the repairs that your vehicle needs, but you may have created more work for the professionals. That could lead to higher repair costs from time and labor — that’s time and money that you could have saved by initially contacting an expert.

You Could Save Time & Money

Prolonging the time before your car gets the repairs it needs can cause the issue to worsen. Damage may spread to other components or the car’s condition may deteriorate. If you aren’t sure of the scope of your car’s damage and perform a surface level repair that doesn’t fix the real cause, your car may end up needing much more intensive repairs later on. Instead of replacing a single component, you may face an entire engine rebuild! Visiting an expert the first time can help you save a lot of money on your car’s care.

Need a professional to perform your vehicle’s repairs or maintenance service? Contact Shift’n Gears in Paso Robles, California for fast and effective solutions!

By on August 16th, 2019 in Auto Repair